Lego vs NanoWhat is nanobrick?
Nanobrick comes from the words Nano (meaning very small) and Brick. There are many brands of nanobrick in the market and to give you a better idea, each nanobrick is only about one-eighth in size as compared to regular LEGO brick! We started to help source nanobrick brands for the growing number of nanobrick hobbyists in Singapore. We currently carry only authentic Nanoblock brand products and look forward to bring to you other quality nanobrick brands when possible.

Why buy from
The best and most important reason is that all our products are genuine and procured at the best price possible. We strive to offer the lowest price available in Singapore, and being nanobrick enthusiasts ourselves, we want to share this with you! Another reason for buying from is that we have ready stock of the products listed on our website, so you never need to wait too long.

Help! I am missing some parts!
We understand how frustrating that can be, though be assured that it is certain that you should have all the parts you need, and more! Each nanoblock product is received sealed, directly from Japan and delivered to you in the same sealed condition. In our many years building and selling nanoblock models, there has never been a case of missing parts/bricks. In fact, all model kits usually provide some extra bricks. If you have completed the model but are missing some bricks, we suggest that you disassemble the model and start again from scratch. You should then realise there you do have all the parts you need, and usually with some spare blocks. Please kindly understand that we are not able to provide any support for missing parts.

Why do the prices differ for the same sized products, or even for the same product?
We aim to provide the lowest prices for you as much as we can, though that depends on the purchase price to begin with. Despite any price fluctuation, you can be assured that our prices are the amongst the lowest in Singapore!

nanoidsWhat is the recommended age for nanobrick products?
The difficulty level for each project ranges on a scale of 1 to 8, and is generally recommended for age 12 years and above. Due to the nano sized bricks, we advise you to exercise caution for younger children.

How do I know when new products have arrived?
Simply follow us on our Facebook page to be kept updated of latest product updates and nanobrick news!

Can I request for refund or exchange?
Once your order is confirmed and paid, no refunds or exchanges will be allowed.